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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pets/Animals, In the Style of Picasso by Donna Bickley

A couple more "in the style of"

Blue Nude Cat with Mice - In the style of Pablo Picasso, a whimsical parody of his masterpiece, Blue Nude, My version is catified, featuring my iconic cat as the nude with the ever-present observer mice.


Warning - this is a bit edgy - I consider it a cautionary tale to keep one's cats indoor (my cat could catch a bird in midair - I know cause I play "Whirly-Bird" with her!)
Cat Catching a Bird - In the style of Picasso's painting, 1939


  1. Off to a good start in this Theme Donna...your whimsy art is always fun to see and I love how you put the mice in :-)

  2. I love how you combined the last theme with this weeks theme! Great job on both!!!

  3. I love your Blue Nude Cat with Mice parody on Picasso's work. That's a great idea. Blessings!


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