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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Animals/Pets, Chat with dad, Ann Hyde

I'm currently doing another challenge on facebook whereby you get to draw on Index Cards, from June through to end of July  (61 days).   The drawing today fits our challenge here too on Paper, Paint Pencils & Pens, so here goes..

"Chat with Dad"


  1. Such a charming drawing and painting! Also I love your paints in the posts below.. I've just scrolled a little.. :)

  2. Ann, you could post William drawings here every day of this theme too if you liked! He's so loved by all! This one is particularly sweet. I'm doing Every Day in June in a little ledger sheet book I made myself for the purpose. It's fun!

    1. I very likely will do that Lynn. It's good doing these challenges isn't it, pushes us out of the comfort zone, although I seem to have dragged my comfort zone along with me, lol ;)


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