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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Animals/Pets, Carriage Horse by Joan Tavolott

Yesterday I went out with the NYC Urban Sketchers. Our theme for the day was sketching things that are or may be disappearing from NYC. There have been heated arguments in the city about the carriage horses in Central Park. I can understand the arguments for and against them remaining, and the decision hasn't yet been made. Until then, they are fun to sketch and each of the horses (and their drivers) is unique.


  1. Over the pond I hadn't heard that there was debate as to whether the carriage horses stay in Central Park!!! Personally, I hope they stay, but then I'm a carriage driver so perhaps I am slightly biased, lol....Love your painting Joan.

  2. I'm sure these horses are dearly loved and well treated. Did anyone think to ask the horses? So well drawn, Joan!

  3. Pallavi lyer- Thank you!

    Ann, thanks. There is a big fight over whether it is cruel to the horses to have them in the middle of NYC traffic and if they are treated well enough. On the other side is the incredible tourist draw that they are, the drivers that would be put out of business, all the jobs associated with feeding, caring for, and housing the animals that would be lost. And then where do they do if they are not allowed to stay? Who can afford to feed and house them if they can't work. It is really a big debate here, with no clear answer. Instead they keep putting off making a decision.

    Lynn, thanks. Maybe that is the ask the horses. To me they seem healthy and content, and well treated. My friend spent a long time talking to a few of the drivers recently, but I don't think she got a response from any of the horses. lol

  4. Beautiful! There is such a nostalgic feel that you get from riding on carriages that cannot be achieved any other way. As long as the horses are cared for properly, I hope they're not taken away.


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