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Monday, May 11, 2015

Water, Misty Lake, Ann Hyde

Okay, I painted this a while back, but felt it fitted with our theme this time round....This is an actual place near to us.  A National Trust property called Arlington Court not only has a grand house, formal gardens, stables and carriage collection, it also has extensive grounds which lead to fields and woodland.  On part of the woodland walk there's a Lake and this is my subject today.

A very loose style watercolour, but it says it all for me.  The atmosphere down by the lake can be misty and very tranquil...I hope I've conveyed that in this piece.


  1. This is so beautiful and serene Ann. I wish I had let you take us there when we were there, next time!

    1. Thanks Lynn....that's okay, we couldn't have fitted everything in on your visit, and we really enjoyed the places we did go to. As you say, next time aye :-)

  2. You really captured the misty look to the water nicely! Great job!

  3. Simply beautiful and capturing attention! Thank you for sharing!


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