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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Water by the Train Trestle by Joan Tavolott

Last evening my sketch group met at a new park in Patchogue that was created from what was once a parking lot for an auto dealer. The area had been empty for the longest time, so I am glad they created something useful from the area. There were some interesting spots to sketch but I liked the view around the train trestle. A train did come through but it was too fast to get into the sketch...and I didn't have enough room at the top anyway. While I was finishing up a kayaker came through, but the water level was too low so she had to walk through the tunnel to get her kayak out of the water. She didn't realize that the tide would be that low when she got back.


  1. What a great place to sketch. Love your painting Joan. It's so nice that an area, once a parking lot, has been transformed for all to enjoy.

  2. Thanks Clare and Ann! I was surprised at how nice it was there.

  3. LOVE how the water flows under the tunnel/bridge! Really lovely Joan!

  4. What a lovely painting to honor a space of earthly improvement!

  5. Gorgeous, bridges, even a train trestle are my favorites to sketch!


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