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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Using Different Art Supplies, Lynn Cohen

In Jonathan Twingley's class in Sketchbook Skool we were encouraged to collage pages and add ephemera. To stamp things! I used a Starbucks cup holder, the inside part with grooves, painted on it and then stamped it on my finished painted drawing. I am not at all sure this added any interest or not. Or if I should have just left well enough alone? What do you think?

PS Don't get too close to the gal in the middle. She has a huge box of Kleenex on her table. She must have a terrible cold.


  1. Fun Starbucks sketch! I like the addition of the collage.

    1. Thanks Joan. It's fun, and I've done it again!

  2. Really nice work, like the coloration a lot, too!

  3. It might be allergies..this time of year is brutal with everyone mowing their lawns. ;)

    1. Katie Jeanne, I don't know where you live, but here in California we are in the middle of a four year drought. No one waters lawns so there is nothing to mow! LOL


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