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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

People at Starbucks by Joan Tavolott

Following Lynn's lead I was sketching at Starbucks tonight with my sketch group. I have sketched the view towards the counters many times, so tonight I sketched a young man and the view out the windows behind him.


  1. It's so interesting as our California Starbucks have the same chairs you have in NJ! Nice looking guy!

  2. Thanks Ann!

    Lynn, I think every Starbucks has the same chairs. lol I'll have to check when I'm overseas some time. This one that I usually sketch in is one of the bigger ones we have around so I can find different views. Some of them are just to small to comfortably sketch. Thanks. There were 5 of us sketching in the same area and talking back and forth. He was right across from me and never seemed to notice.

    1. They rarely if ever notice me either!


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