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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Landscape, Anchored Hope by Elisa Choi

This scene is from a place called the Upper Selatar Reservoir in Singapore. According to Wikipedia: The Seletar Reservoir was built to meet the surge in water demand after World War I. It was completed in 1940 and officially opened on 10 August 1969 by HRH Princess Alexandra

Right now it is a wonderful park and it is famous for its sunset. But as for me I was struck by the light after sunset where everything was almost blue with a slight hint of gold.

Have a wonderful week ahead! God bless


  1. What a great watercolour Elisa. Love the colours you have used and it sounds like a wonderful sight to see in person :-)

  2. Lovely painting, Elisa! I just love those colors!

  3. Thank you ann and joan. definitely a great spot to see and paint again :)

  4. Wonderful shades of blues and purple! Love this!


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