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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring, Transition, Rob Kulas

Spring, "Transition", by Rob Kulas

This has been a long, harsh winter.
We finally had some warmer weather over the last week and finally the snow is melting.

I painted this one out in a field. A great day to be outside.
I tried to portray the feel of "transition to spring". The snow melting quickly.
Soon the fresh spring colors will be in abundance.

Spring Transition by Rob Kulas


  1. Wow. Fantastic Rob. I can barely tell where the "real" landscape ends and your painting begins. Of course, yours is much better than the original.

    1. Thanks Penny. Yes I had a great time with this one.

  2. Wonderful painting Rob. I'm with Penny, reality and painting blend so well.

  3. Now that is dedication, to go outside to paint while there is still snow on the ground!! Beautifully done!

    1. Thanks Sandee, this day was easy because the weather was nice. I painted outdoors on location all winter and the below zero temp days with 8" of snow was challenging but rewarding.

  4. Great painting!!! Like here you can tell it is Spring when you can see some of the grass between the patches of snow...but then we have to deal with the soggy ground.

  5. Bob, this is truly beautiful and seeing it in this setting is extra exciting!


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