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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring - "sketching Deborah" -sandee setliff

Hi everyone, I think I have been hibernating through winter and am emerging slowly, lol Thank you Lynn for visiting my blog and checking in on me, that was so sweet! A couple of my fellow artist friends went outside yesterday sketching and this is one of the artists that I sketched. This is what you get when you sit down on something I was going to draw, lol That will teach her, huh? Here in Hendersonville, we have jonquils, crocus and hellebore in bloom but I drew none of them....


  1. I'm sure in the future you will have to draw a lot of people all sitting on things you want to draw!

  2. this is lovely and I wish I was sitting on that lovely swing!

  3. Sandee, great sketch of your friend! I don't blame you for sketching her in the sun. Well done!

  4. A very Spring time painting Sandee. Wish I could have been there sketching too, it looks a lovely scene.

  5. This is delightful. So glad I got you back here! Looking forward to more. I do enjoy your style!


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