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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring by Joan Tavolott

Don't laugh! This definitely symbolizes sister (who was working on her painting today) is NOT wearing a turtleneck sweater or a sweatshirt, but a 3/4 sleeve shirt. Woo Hoo! Warm enough today to not wear something heavy...Spring must really be here.


  1. Great portrait of your sister Joan and so pleased the weather is warming up for you.

    1. Ha! I went out to walk this morning and it was snowing.

  2. I can so understand your sister! Today it was warm enough to only wear one jacket and no scarf. Beautiful drawing!

  3. Thanks, Lia! It is nice to dream about spring actually being here. We are back to cold and snow flurries today.

  4. You made me giggle with this one. Changing clothing with the season is right on perfect. And what a great painting of your sister too!

  5. Thanks, Lynn. It takes a lot to get her out of her sweaters. lol


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