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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring at the Boat Yard by Joan Tavolott

How is this showing Spring you might be wondering. Just look at the snow in site right here. You can see the dirt in the parking lot, a puddle (not frozen) and some grass.
Spring must be here...or at least it was at Silly Lilly's Boat Yard today.


  1. Lots of signs of Spring there, I can feel your joy in this colorful scene!

  2. Spring is certainly in the air Joan. Love your painting with the signs of Spring and no frozen ground, such an interesting place too, I can see how you were inspired to paint it.

  3. Thanks Lynn and Ann. It was so nice to be sitting somewhere not surrounded by snow and even though I was in the car I could feel the warmth of the sunshine. I was even able to open the window for fresh air and not freeze. lol

  4. Joan, I can feel the spring in you painting. These boats are waiting to be put on the see!

  5. Sirkka, thanks. I can't imagine being out in a boat yet. I'm lucky I spend any time out of my car. lol

  6. this is such a warm scene joan. lovely colors!


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