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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring, Apricot tree, Lia

This is the little apricot-tree on our terrace. The buds are bigger than last week but there are still no leaves. Hope, they will come soon.


  1. That sounds like a tasty tree to have around. Does it grow apricots that are big enough to eat? Nicely done, Lia!

  2. Thanks, Joan Tavolott! No, if it grows fruit (not every year) they are rather small and the birds are fast in eating them. But it has lovely blossoms.

  3. Such a pretty little tree Lia. Hope you will get some fruit before the birds eat them :-)

  4. Well, it's tasty to the birds anyway, and a feast for your eyes!

  5. I want to draw it weekly as a new challenge for this year. It's a lovely old tree but of course on a terrace it never has the chance to grow big.

  6. It's filled with hope! Sweet fruit awaits. Memories of childhood apricots in our backyard!


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