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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring, Robin Cake, Donna Bickley

Spring - Donna Bickley

 "Robin Cake" - A robin has come into the open window and is helping himself to the decorations on the chocolate birthday cake. He generously passed one of them onto his friend still on the branch outside. A coupla resident mice look on, perhaps resentfully, wishing to have gotten to the cake FIRST!


  1. Hi Donna, glad you posted here. Your painting is very Spring like for our current Theme with these cheeky birds taking the fruit from that cake, I wonder if those mice will get a look in too. Lovely imaginative painting - looking forward to you contributing here with us.

  2. Welcome Donna! Love your sense of whimsy and bright colors!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'm a color lover, for sure!]

  3. Donna, this is adorable! I love your rich colors. I would think those tasty morsels of cake are much better than worms.

  4. Thank you, Joan., Color rules! Though I like b & w too...

  5. such a fun painting donna! like coming out of a story book!


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