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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring theme - Spring Tulips -Tyanne

Hi, I am new to the blog. My name is Tyanne (rhymes with Diane) and I live in MN. I joined and then discovered I can not post pictures to this blog from my IPad so if anyone know how to do that, I would appreciate some tips. For this piece, I was playing around with a molotow masking pen and my goal was to use spring imagery and colors. These were from my imagination and were lots of fun to paint as we were having an early spring snowstorm.


  1. Hi Tyanne and Welcome to the blog, and what a great start with your wonderful tulip painting.
    You mention not being able to add via your ipad. You need to install on your ipad the Blogger App, then it will work, but make sure you have the picture on your ipad.

  2. Welcome, Tyanne!!! I don't know anything about iPads...sorry. I always take photos of my artwork with my camera and upload them that way. This is really pretty...and so Springlike! The colors are perfect to get that feel of spring. Good job!!!

  3. I love your tulips and WELCOME to this blog!!!! So happy you made it here! I went to the tulip festival last week in Woodburn, Oregon! Saw so many varieties of beautiful tulips. I concur with Ann. The Blogger App will allow you to upload here, and yes transfer your photo to that iPad if it's not already there! Easy peasy!


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