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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Town You Grew Up In, "Joanne's House Painted", Lynn Cohen

I decided to post Joanne's house painted and I added more memories in my art journal to this piece. Now I'll draw Patty's house to post later. Welcome to my childhood neighborhood! BTW you could not see this house much from the street. A big stone wall was by the sidewalk and the house was set back quite a ways from the street. It always had a bit of a mysterious vibe to it.


  1. Did you redo this post, Lynn? I swear I commented on it. Looks like you colored it since I saw it this morning or am I imagining it? lol I like the sketch of your friend's house and the memories too.

  2. Yes, Joan, I reposted it after I painted it. And I added more memories to the page too, it is not your imagination playing tricks on you. It's me doing it. LOL

  3. Pleased you added paint to this looks lovely. I like those pointy roofs.


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