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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The town you grew up in, Elmfield House Romsey, Ann Hyde

Another local town to where I grew up was Romsey.  I still have relatives there whom we visit regularly which is great.

The sketch is of my in-laws house (and where they lived when I first met my husband) back in the days they lived there some 30 years ago, the right-hand side of the semi-detached property, known as Elmfield House, it actually went back further so was quite a sizable property.  It also had a cellar (which unfortunately flooded every time the local river swelled, although a handy little pump helped resolve that).

It also had a ghost!   oh yes, and both my m-i-l and f-i-l  saw it.  Mum saw it floating up the stairs one day, and Dad saw it standing at the bottom of their bed.  These occurrences weren't at the same time, but several years apart.  Neither mum nor dad were prone to imagination, so for them to say they had seen it, this had to have happened.   They called in the Vicar of Romsey Abbey to do a blessing after dad saw it, I think it spooked him a bit.  Not sure that helped as I was aware of it even after this!   All said, it was a comfortable home which was loved.

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  1. Nice looking house and good sketch of it! Hope the ghosts like it too.

    1. Thanks Joan. I think the ghost was happy there and happy with them too :-)

  2. How funny to have had a ghost! Now I will be on the look out for them as up to now I have gone back and forth of being a non believer in such things; but you have perked my curiosity! Maybe they only reside in the UK. ?? Lovely watercolor, Ann!

    1. Well, I guess that ghosts are one of those subjects that people either believe or don't. Graham saw one years before they moved to this particular house in the drawing. He was walking up a road with his mum and a woman walked down the other side. Nobody else in the road, it was a side street. He mentioned the woman to his mum who said, "what woman?, there was nobody there". Maybe they are here in the UK, as if we aren't weird enough! lol ;)


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