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Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Childhood Home, Lynn Cohen

Interestingly enough we had this assignment in Sketchbook Skool Boot Kamp just last week, to draw our childhood home as it is today, (top) and how it was when I lived there (bottom) 1941-1959.
That's me sitting on the brick wall by the front door day dreaming about  my future! And that's my cat, Doc coming up the walk. He died the next year after I left, I got him when I was five years old.

Now I will try to remember and draw some of the inside rooms from memory.


  1. It's lovely to see these Lynn. You have obviously got a wonderful memory of your former home.

  2. That is real nice memories you did by art Lynn.

  3. What a fun exercise ~ and outcome. Love the drawings!
    And I honor the idea of drawing the interior of a childhood home from memory. Could be quite revealing, comforting, disquieting ... and healing! Very, very cool.

  4. Great drawing to start the theme with! So vibrant and tells a good story.

  5. Nice sketches of the house present day and in the past. You have a much better memory than me. I'll have to hunt through some of my old photos to see if there are some that show the house. I revisited our house on googlemaps, but the neighborhood looks so different I almost didn't recognize the house. lol


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