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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

House Where I Grew Up, Lynn Cohen

I lived in this room from age six months to 18 years when I went off to college the first time.
I did not return to this house to live again, but did live a few blocks away when first married and my parents still lived there.

My mother made the pink and white striped curtains on the window. I had matching sheets. I could remember the feel of getting into bed with clean sheets when I drew these twin beds. I could "see" the movie star pictures I'd torn from magazines and taped to my closet wall: Glen Ford, Sal Mineo, Rock Hudson among others.

I recalled laying in the dark listening to the radio before going to sleep at night; having my friends over to spend the night and giggling together as we lay talking late into the night.

I remember getting the 45 rpm record player one year for Chanukah. That was my "Big Gift".
There were always lots of records, as my dad was in the business of servicing juke boxes in restaurants and bars in our town. And I had an uncle who owned a music store in a nearby town.

Drawing my childhood room brought back lots and lots of childhood memories.


  1. What a great drawing of your childhood to teens bedroom. Good memories there 😊

  2. Thanks Ann, where are everyone elses drawings of their childhood homes? I want to see them!!!

  3. I love this sort of road map of your room! Thanks for sharing your memories?

  4. What a sweet journal spread ~ a charming map of childhood memories.


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