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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

House Where I grew up, "Living Room" , Lynn Cohen

Our house was small, around 1300 square feet. On a corner lot. Parents bought it new in 1941 for $7000. I lived there until I turned 18 and left home for college. I had parties or friends over and could "entertain them" in our living room. My parents had turned my older brother's room into a den when he left for college. The TV we got when he left home was in there. So my parents had a room to go to. The living room had wall to wall carpet, a fireplace, a large console radio/phonograph player; and standard furniture. Here it is from memory. The tall secretary/desk is something I inherited and still have in my own living room today.
I drew this from memory. I would love to see your memories of your early childhood homes too.


  1. I love your idea of looking down on the room like this. Now I must try to remember my childhood home bedroom set up! You have set the bar high here Lynn!!! :-)

  2. how fun that you drew a map, a painting of your home
    i think it is a wonderful idea
    and turned out charming


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