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Monday, January 26, 2015

Odd Characters, Lynn Cohen

This fellow was modeling yesterday at the San Francisco, Fort Mason, Art Marathon. A mixture of costumed and nude models. You can see more on my other blog if interested (I filled 44 pages in my art journal or was it 36 pages and 44 model posess?) (, check life drawings at top of side bar to find them all) I drew for six hours with an hour break in the middle for lunch! It was great fun.


  1. Great drawings and paintings Lynn. Well done on your marathon sketching event.

    1. Thanks Ann. It was such an enjoyable day.If anyone had ever told me I'd be drawing for six hours with a one hour break in the middle I'd have thought them nuts. But I have learned that "going into the zone" means there really is no sense of time. So I wasn't even tired at the end of the day!

  2. Your life sketches are really getting good. Is there a way to comment on the other site? I couldn't find one.

    1. Joan, thanks. On the Life Drawing page you must scroll down to the very bottom to find the comment box. If you've seen all the art you want to see just scroll quickly by dragging the arrow on the side of the page. OR you may leave your comment about them in the current HOME page of my blog. Either works for me, thanks for wanting to comment! I always appreciate yours!


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