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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Odd Characters, Hotel people, Ann Hyde

Our recent trip to Birdlip in Gloucestershire was a short visit, but still really good. We went out a lot and I sketched quite a bit.  Here's one I did of what I'd consider Odd Characters.  A group of people in the bar/restaurant area of the hotel waiting to order their meals.

I've added the Location link to Birdlip in the section below....


  1. Lovely atmospheric painting of some odd characters.Such charm those old buildings have.Makes me long for ye merry olde England! Happy PPF

    1. Thanks Emma, the buildings around the Cotswolds really are like the 'ye merry olde England' - a very apt reference :-)

  2. I especially like seeing you doing this sort/my sort of drawing Ann! Very well done, I like the lighter penciled background, making the colored parts pop in the foreground!

    1. Thanks Lynn, glad you like the technique. I'm nowhere near as happy drawing people as you are, so for me to have sat there and done this was quite something :-)

  3. Ann, well done! Sketching in bars is fun, and the characters/models usually stay put for a while.


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