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Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday fun, Sydney, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Hi everyone!  My family and I drove to Sydney for the Xmas period and I sketched up a storm.  So really I could post everything I sketched over the last two weeks, as it was all holiday fun!  <chuckle> Here is a selection of highlights.  Please feel free to use the link at the end to look at my images on flickr if you want to see more!

Here are two pages drawn at day's end from photographs, as I didn't have time to actually sketch anything on a day spent having a delicious meal and going up the Sydney Tower Eye (formerly known as Centrepoint Tower).  The snow globe was great fun to take the kids into, just to watch their reactions.  (They have not yet ever encountered real snow, and this snow was just fake flaky stuff that stuck all over us.)  The Xmas tree was a giant one made of Lego, in Pitt Street Mall.  It was surrounded by more Lego creations like a surfboarding Santa!


Another day, we took a ferry up the river from Sydney's Circular Quay, up to Parramatta, stopping at Cockatoo Island on the way.  While waiting for the ferry I couldn't resist sketching the Opera House, even though it is such a cliched image of Sydney.  It is such a great architectural design!

On New Year's Eve, we walked down to the waterfront and watched the 9pm family fireworks. While waiting, I sketched Luna Park and a lot of boats, all milling around full of people waiting to watch the fireworks, then the Harbour Bridge in the background.  There was a little aerial acrobatics moment which didn't last long, but I threw that on the page as well.

To see more of my sketches from the trip (and my daily life) you can check out my photostream at: 


  1. Just wonderful sketches, Elaine! I love the last one of the ferris wheel and the roller coaster. Looks like your family had a great time!

  2. These are great sketches Elaine. I love the idea of the giant snow globe, what fun. Thanks for the link to your Flickr pictures, lovely to see them altogether, do please add more here we would love to see them on this blog too....ann :-)

  3. These are so much fun Elaine! They really draw us into the life you experience over this period of time so beautifully! Thanks for sharing it all.

  4. Thanks everyone! It sure was a challenge to squeeze in my drawing/painting time, but I am so pleased to have this record of the experience. You remember so much more when you draw something, don't you? (Ann, I will try to put more sketches in here shortly... just sorting and uploading stuff from my camera today.)


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