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Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Fun by Joan Tavolott

What could be more fun during the holidays than going out to buy a Christmas tree? I had fun sketching several Christmas tree lots over the holiday season.


  1. What great subjects for drawing. Love your paintings Joan, you've captured the scenes so well :-)

  2. what beautiful Christmas memories,

  3. You sure did and these are terrific! Love the liveliness to them, I can even imagine smelling all those freshly cut trees!

  4. Thanks Ann, Laurie and Lynn. I make sure to sketch a few lots each year. It is getting hard to find new ones. The last one was a tree lot I sketched a few years ago but when I saw it this year from the other end I liked it even more. lol

  5. Wow Joan you are a powerhouse with all your Xmas sketches. I really miss the Xmas tree tradition -- it doesn't really happen here in Australia -- although it really isn't environmentally friendly to chop trees down so I suppose I should be happy they don't do that here. My own Xmas tree is a fiber optic tree that rotates and lights up from within, which my kids love.


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