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Monday, January 12, 2015

Holiday Fun, Lynn Cohen, "Friends"

This holiday season I had the good fortune to visit many friends! This friend, Elizabeth Flannigan (on the left with her daughter on the right) lives in Oregon. We stopped to see them on our way further north to where my son lives in Portland. While Elizabeth and I were together, as we always do we draw and drew each other! Our husbands sing and play guitar. I actually drew this before we went and framed it for a gift for my dear friend. Elizabeth is an artist I met through Sketchbook Skool, an online drawing class subtitled Art for All. And she loves dressing up in costumes!


  1. What a great gift to give to her! Nice sketch and it is great that you were able to get together again.

    1. Yes, I am enjoying our friendship! Friends met on line through blogs and classes is such a plus! Thanks.

  2. Such lively expressions, and fun capture of the costumes! It's great how sketching brings people together.

  3. What a lovely gift and a great painting Lynn :-)


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