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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fruit, oranges, Ann Hyde

We have apples in the house at the moment, and also some pineapple in the fridge,
but that is it for the I have made the most of the Link in the Sidebar
to find some inspiration for this Theme - Using PAINT MY PHOTO
is so remember to take a look at it, the photo references are Free,
(but they like you to just give the photographer a mention), which is fair enough.

Again, I have used the Style we are learning about in Sketchbook Skool
- my Sailor Calligraphy pen is great for thin lines and thicker ones - 
Plus when I add clear water the ink spreads....I love watching that happen on the paper.


  1. I like when that happens too Ann! These are lovely oranges! Kudos to Rebecca Hill too for offering up the photo for your use.

    1. Thanks Lynn, I'm also feeling inspired with all the lessons in Sketchbook Skool..... the information graudually seeps into my work when I'm least expecting it :-)

    2. Yes, SBS continues to offer me inspiration every day. Teachers and students alike!

  2. You are doing really well with this technique. Lovely!


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