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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fruit, grapes, Ann Hyde

From the reference photos on
Paint My Photo (see sidebar for link)


Paint My Photo - courtesy Lisa Martin

I didn't use pencil first for this one. Just went straight in with paint...which was

Pyrrol Red (Daniel Smith) with a little Ultramarine Blue (Winsor & Newton) - to which I varied the combo 
thus giving redder grapes or bluer grapes

The greens were basic - Ultramarine Blue with Cad. yellow pale (Winsor & Newton)

when this had all dried, I went over with Safari Al-Star pen to define.


  1. Ann your fruits have been so good!!! Love the color in this.

    1. Thanks Joan, I've enjoyed drawing them. For some reason there is something very relaxing about drawing and painting fruit.

  2. I so enjoy your style and the information you share about your process to the very beautiful end result. Thanks Ann!


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