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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Still Life at the Bakery by Joan Tavolott

Last night my sketch group went to a bakery to sketch...torture! Everything looked so delicious!!!
It was the perfect place to do a still life while having a nice cup of coffee instead of eating treats.


  1. Oh Joan, you must have an iron will... how could you resist all that deliciousness?

  2. No calories in painting. Beautiful cakes. How many times did you dip your paintbrush in your coffee?

  3. Thanks everyone. Luckily they were whole cakes not slices so I could resist. lol

    Penny - I kept the lid on the coffee. It helps.

  4. Oh the reserve this took! Proud of you. The outcome is delicious to look at!

    1. Thanks. I gained a little weight while away and I'm trying to get it off. LOL Cake wasn't in the plan for the day.


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