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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stacks, Rock Wall, by Rob Kulas

This rock wall separating the yard from the field next door is over 150 years old.
Each heavy boulder was hand stacked and put into position.
I liked the light as it illuminated the leaves on our tree. I wanted to paint it before the leaves are gone for another season.
Rock Wall in October
6X6 Casein 


  1. Stunning painting Rob. Love how you captured the light.

  2. The light is unbelievable! Wonderful!

    1. Thanks Sirkka. Yes I love this time of year when the sun filters through the leaves and we get extraordinary colors.

  3. I like everything about this picture Rob. Your clouds are serial. Looks like the back fields of where I walk.

    1. Thank You for kind comment Carolann. I appreciate it.

  4. Great choice of subject, both for the theme and just as a piece in its own right.

  5. We've just fallen in love with rock walls in the villages in Ireland. I want to draw them from my photos taken. Yours is so lovely, this whole beautiful painting!


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