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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stacks by Lynn Cohen

Some of you might think me cheating on my own blog! Unless you use your imagination and SEE the STACKS of ancient granite blocks dating back to the 10th century that make up this spectacular abbey of St. Mont Michel in France we visited today, as fitting for our new theme. 
I do hope you agree with me, as I want to keep sharing our wonderful trip adventures with you here. 


  1. Love how you took it to the next level, I think that is very clever of you to see the "stacks of stones" Great sketch!

  2. Love the detail you put into this Lynn.

  3. Of course, Lynn. we love to see and read your experiences on your journey! A really impressive "stack of stones" here in your sketch! It is lovely that you will share that with us.

  4. Really pretty church Lynn.

  5. All I can say the repeat of other comments so I wont. Ha-ha . Thumbs Up Lynn!

  6. Thanks everyone. I drew daily on our trip and have three art journals to show for it 2 and three quarters full. I'm about to post one more stone house, just because I can!


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