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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stacks Mid-air Swings At A Fair Carol Ann Henstra

Trying to let lose with Bloch, Bloch. I think because I am just a beginner in this type of letting go. I should of
just blotched the color. Not sure. If anyone then  would recognize then it was swings.  Ann usually helps me. She is my mentor.


  1. Good blotches Carol Ann. I could see they were swings right away. Stacks of swings in fact, lol. I'm not sure if I am a mentor, but that's really nice of you to say ...........ann :-)

  2. That's one of the rides at the fair that I would never go on. lol Nice sketch of all the swings!

  3. What a fun idea to draw the stacks of seats on this amusement park ride! Love the motion I see here.


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