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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life Events, Waiting for Baby Ruben, Amanda Webster

I've just spent the last two weeks at my daughter's place awaiting the arrival of a new grandchild.  What was expected to be a three day stay turned into an almost two week stay as the baby decided to stay inside just a little longer.  I did heaps of sketches while I was there and these are a couple of my daughter and the baby that I really like. I have lots more on my blog (link at the side) if you want to look.  All these are in a cheap A5 sketchbook with unipin pen and watercolour.



  1. These are lovely sketches Amanda. Glad baby eventually made an appearance :-)

  2. Heart warming post, Amanda. Lovely of you to share them.

  3. How lovely is this of your daughter. So heart warming indeed. You drew the baby so beautifu

    . Congrats to your daughter and family. Happiness !

  4. Lovely, heart warming sketches of this your big occation. Gongratulations!!

  5. What better life event than a new life! Mazol Tov! So happy for you Grandma! And all the drawings are delightful?

  6. Adorable sketches. Congrats on the new grandchild!


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