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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everyday life, Kids in the Park, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Today was the first day of school holidays (2 weeks between Terms 3 and 4) and we met a friend for a playdate.  We parted ways at noon, but my kids were still raring to go, so I took them to their favorite park, New Farm Park.  There are so many wonderful spaces in the park -- rose gardens, river frontages, grand open lawns, and so on -- but my kids only think of this space: the most extensive playground I've ever seen, replete with multiple walkways and fort shapes interlaced with huge branching fig trees.  It really reminds me of a Peter Pan and Lost Boys sort of tree fort.  In this picture you only see the very end of it, as I sat some distance away opting for a more peaceful experience (away from all the yelling and joyful shrieks).

I decided to try a technique where you block out large shapes of colour, then add detail using pen, but I got carried away and started adding details with successive layers of colour.  Only at the very end did I add some ink lines.  It was fun and I must try this again without the colour layering sometime!


  1. This sounds such a great park. No wonder the kids enjoy it, I would enjoy it too. Love your painting and style.

  2. Thanks Sparkle, Ann, it's such a great space I probably should do a series!

  3. It is no nice, friendly drawing from your park! I wait for more drawings, Elaine!

  4. Love your trees! Splashes of color, dots of color, and lines bring them to life! I can hear the shrieks of joy from here!


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