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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers Cluster Arrangements By Carol Ann

 Made this for my daughter for her 25th Anniversary coming up. Mailed it already early. We do plan to go see her but they plan first to go away  themselves. Then in returning. We all will unite with them. 
I layered the water paint over several times. I blew dried it.  The finish is like a texture of material.
It looks like it is raised . I made it on a card here 4x6. I enlarged it so you could see it.  My friends were impressed as how it came out. I was myself. Was not any little wet flicks of paper on top. I know my daughter will like it. I have been so busy this summer away from doing my sketches, painting. . My apologies. I have commented in here and everyone's work is master pieces. I must say.


  1. Very beautiful card for a lovely daughter's anniversary! I like the textured idea! Clever you!
    (reminder: label is for theme and your name only, thanks)

  2. A very colourful card Carol Ann, well done.

  3. Nicely done!!! I like your depth of color and the cluster of flowers. People love when artist make them cards, and I am sure she will treasure it.


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