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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flowers, Sunflowers from Patty, Lynn Cohen

My best friend Patty (of 73 years) used to always come bearing  flowers when she visited me. This is from a photo I took of one of the last bouquets she gave me. The flowers were so bright and beautiful, just as was her incredible spirit. I'm glad I have these memories of my dear friend.
Ink, watercolors, Strathmore Mixed Media paper


  1. Wonderful memories for you with these lovely flowers :-)

  2. So beautiful sunflowers, they remind you always of your friend.

  3. What a lovely gift your friend brings you and I just adore all the bright colors in this, plus the journaling!

  4. This so bright and fun. I am looking forward to posting with everyone.

  5. How great that you have a photo of the flowers that she gave you. The nice rich colors in this make the sunflowers really stand out.


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