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Monday, September 15, 2014

Flowers, Lynn Cohen

These were drawn from an arrangement of dried silk flowers on counter top in my kitchen.
I love this vase too.

Today is our last day for posting to the Flowers theme. Tomorrow Ann will guide us into the next theme. I am putting out my "Gone Fishing" sign for a month! Ann will be in charge here so if you have any questions or needs please let her know in a comment box. See you when I return! Happy drawing and posting! Thanks for your wonderful contributions and support with your art and your inspiration and encouragement to your fellow artists here. I do believe we have created a fantastic community. I will be peeking in when I can, and I shall return.


  1. "Good Fishing" Lynn, have a nice time! Good to know, that you shall return. We`ll not have any need here under Ann´s care.

  2. I forgot to say, that your painting is wonderful with those flowers:)

  3. Hope you "catch" something good, you will be missed. I'm sure Ann can keep us from running amuck....right? lol


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