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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Selfies and Others, Anya, by Sirkka Jalava

I tried to draw with a pencil Elaines daughter Anya to night. She looks here older than she is, I feel. I am wondering if I should show it or not. But I can´t wait, I put on it. I am not happy with the mouth for example. And much other things, but perhaps I can do better later on.


  1. Sirkka I think you did a wonderful job on beautiful Anya! I love her smiling eyes, and her frank smile.

  2. Anya says: "That's a very good drawing!" ...and I like it too! Lovely work, Sirkka!

  3. Thank you Margaret, Elaine and Anya!

  4. Thanks Ann! I like drawing, this is in my sketchbook.

  5. I always seem to age progress the children I draw. This is a fine drawing, and the painting you did next is perhaps more true to age likeness, but both are so well done! Be proud.

    1. Thank you, Lynn. You are right about the age. I am at least glad when I have succeeded with some work. Proud, hm, yes, but I know that soon I see something that I could have done better or other way.


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