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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Selfie - Sandee Setliff

The hardest thing about doing a selfie is the critiquing I do about me, while I am drawing me...ugh. 

I have so few pictures of me but this was taken for my design team photos that I have to have on my bio's.

Used Inktense and Microns


  1. No need to critique yourself, this is so good. Love the style you use

  2. Love this... most importantly, you really captured "you." If I had seen that picture out of context I would have thought, "omg....that's Sandee!" That speaks volumes!

  3. Beautiful portrait and self-portrait!

  4. You succeeded very well with your selfie!' And you have a nice picture of you too

  5. Fantastic job on the self portrait!!!


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