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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cups & Mugs, by Joan Tavolott

This is a mug that I got from my husband as one of my Christmas gifts many years ago. It has a painting by Monet (one of my favorites) on the front and another on the back. It suffered from daily use and now has a crack in it so I don't use it as often. I've sketched it many times.


  1. What a great mug to keep even if it has a crack in it. I have one I now use for paint brushes because of a crack in it. Love your's a painting within a painting isn't it.

  2. it beautiful! the crack proves how much it is loved,

  3. I love this painting--the soft subtle color and line, just fill my eyes.

  4. Ann - I still use the mug once in a while, but not as regularly. Yes, it is a painting within a painting. lol Thank you.

    Laurie - Thanks. I don't quite know how the crack happened. I may have been there a while before it got stained enough that I noticed it on the inside.

    Beth - Many thanks!

  5. It is beautiful and was a very thoughtful gift from your husband.
    I love the painting.

  6. What a lovely gift and the fact that you painted it. A nice tribute

  7. Something very homey feeling to me about this painting. Perhaps it's the tea bag hanging over it's side!

  8. You do Monet very well. They say we should copy the masters to improve our art. Very nice! The shadow adds a nice touch.

  9. Love it and the actual feel of being in the moment of having a cup of tea.


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