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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cup and Mugs, A Blue Cup, GloriaV

Hi Everyone. This theme sounds like so much fun. I just had to add a cup I did for 10 Minute Warm Up last year some time. Hope every one is doing well. I've cut back on my postings and only do Friday now. This sounded like fun, so here I is for a posting. Hopefully I can come back very soon. Hello to all, wish you all good days ahead. Thanks Lynn for hosting as always. I will be by your posts as soon as possible.:)
A Blue Cup
watercolors on paper


  1. Good to see you posting, Gloria. I love the rich looking blue mug. Hope there is something yummy inside.

  2. Welcome back Gloria! I missed your creative digital art pieces here! Happy to see you once more. Maybe it's my eyes, but I see some thick chocolatey dessert in this cup, gooey and yummy!


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