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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Treasures and Mementos, Pottery by Joan Tavolott

While I was teaching I took a sabbatical and took several classes. One of them was a pottery class where we used the wheel. I loved the class but my pieces usually had very thick walls and weighed a ton. I just couldn't make the walls thin without them collapsing.  This is one of the pieces I made.


  1. Great pot, Joan! Self made is best:) I love the colors too you have used in your painting.

  2. Thanks, Sirkka. I was hoping that with enough practice the walls of my pots would get thinner...but that never happened. I had a lot of fun making them though.

    Thanks Nat!

  3. I hope it works for a flower pot at least, as it is a pretty painting!


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