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Update : We are now keeping Themes for a WHOLE MONTH

Monday, June 30, 2014

Remember we go to a new Theme tomorrow

Almost  new Theme time...tomorrow we look at:


1st July til the 15th.

Remember that any Photo reference you use must be

Non-Copyright ones.  There is a link in the right-hand column

to a copyright free site if you want to refer to that.

We are even starting our own Copyright free reference photos

for you to use.  The link is in the right-hand column, it might

help and inspire you.....

You don't have to use these photos if you don't want to, but do make sure you use your own and not somebody else's who hasn't given you their permission.


Thank you Ann for this new post with your much appreciated help and ideas that make our blog even that much better.

Now a request from all contributing artists here:
We need your ideas for future themes. There are none in line after we finish these next two weeks drawing "Buildings Around the World".
Leave your ideas in this post comment box or email me at lynnc66 at



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  1. I cannot wait to see the start of your new themes. Looks like I stopped by at the perfect time.


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