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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music & Musicians, a quick violinist by Margaret Coote

You'd think since I am around musicians all the time I'd be sketching them all the time, but the truth is that I'm very shy and nervous about drawing people at all, let alone people playing instruments! So I chose this theme both to challenge myself and to enjoy and learn from all of your drawings.

I attempted these drawings of a violinist as she was rehearsing the other day on the stage at our school. I came home and scanned them and then added watercolor, to see what would happen.

I also thought for this theme that we could draw/paint whatever music is or means to us, or paint while listening to music, etc… it can be broad!


  1. oh Margaret Well you have mastered your shininess I would say. #1 to # 4. You have completed it . I applaud you. I am clapping Bravo!

    I love it all. I am so amazed as how others like yourself just use fine lines and you added color and it comes alive.

    I truly wish some day to be-able to accomplish this art of knowing.

  2. Great gesture line drawings, and so expressive! The color adds a lot, but the line drawings are good on their own.

  3. I am glad you are challenging yourself, and us at the same time with this theme. Your lines are delicate and they seem to flow as if to the music being played. Truly lovely drawings all!

  4. Margaret, just so gentle drawings i could imagine you `ll do. And yes, I thaught you have lots of sketches allready done but now we all can do it together then. The colours make the lines more alive in the sketches, but they all are so espressive and delicate.

  5. Bravo, Margaret!!! You really stepped out of your comfort zone and excelled. You have just enough lines in the original sketches to capture the movements and poses, and the addition of color is an added treat.

  6. Thank you all! With your encouragement I will keep going… I really appreciate your comments!

  7. Lovely, lovely expressive sketches with just the barest minimum of line for the mind to complete the whole drawing. Although the painted versions are so good and add solidity and nice colour, I am such a lover of drawing, just drawing, that the first two sketches are superb. When I say they make me think of Picasso drawings with their minimalism, I really mean it.
    I was just commenting way up the posts to Sparkle (Carol Ann) about 'less being more' and how she was achieving it, and your sketches show it.

    1. Thank you, thank you Jez. It is so good to see these through someone else's eyes, your words help a lot. Too often I make a mark and then give up on it before it's had a chance to say what it had to say.

      PS about this "less is more", yes! I went with a friend last weekend to an exhibit at the art museum here in Rochester, with many of Matisse's prints and etchings. He was so good at implying so much with so little! A whole personality with just a few lines. I think you would enjoy them!


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