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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Music and Musicians Themes Carol Henstra

People have asked about my Granddaughter singing. 

Here she is playing and singing.

You will have to key it in  to see her on youtube.

I never know where she is  as she is a busy young lady. Her brother also sings. He is playing guitar for her song Warrior  .

He is in a video also.

Warrior - Melissa Timgren (Demi Lovato Cover) - YouTube

Brother sings too.


  1. Thanks for giving us a link, Carol Ann. She has a very sweet voice and she is very pretty...a good combination for a singer.

  2. Your welcome Joan for the comment. I hope I have not been out of order to put all this up with my youtube's.

    We just love music like everyone here does.

  3. As I am commenting on everyone's art sketches, charcoal, water-painting. I feel I have nothing more to sketch till next theme or I will be just the same instruments as others. I will comment on others and enjoy them . I have other projects lined up for my other sites I participate in.
    Once the next header of Themes are up. I will be in to participate. All you guys your work is Magnificent. I also do photography so I am out taking pictures on the road and walking and I also do digital projects.
    To be honest. I find I have covered the best I can on sketching, color of Music and Musicians with my entry of live with Grandkids from Youtube.
    My brain is sort of like writers block. Thank you for all who comment on my entries. Your all encouraging. I will putter about with what Jez has mailed me on other sketching off topic on my own to get the feel of learning.


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