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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Music and Musicians, Stevie, Jez Eden

Firstly, I want to apologise for not commenting on all the lovely sketches in the latest posts - just a bad few days, and also even more apologies if I don't get round to commenting in the next week or two.  But I will get back to it as soon as I can, and will try to sketch some 'treasures' for the next theme.

We've only ever been to one Pop Concert.  I think it was in 1984, in the Birmingham NEC Arena.  It was fantastic.  He was an hour late arriving, and long before he came the whole audience were stamping their feet and singing "We want Stevie".  Eventually he slouched in singing "Stevie's been a naughty boy, Stevie's been a naughty boy", then sat down and played and sang all evening.

I had no photos of my own, so when I sketched this almost a week ago I knew I couldn't attempt to draw him, and tried to symbolise him.  (I carefully checked the positions of the black notes, but still managed to get them wrong!).


  1. Nice illustration. At first I thought the sunglasses were oreo cookies, I must be hungry! The piano looks perfect to me. I took lessons when I was little and never mastered using two hands. You could design logos.

  2. Oh that is so cool that you got to see him! I love how you put the stars in his eyes. That is definitely Stevie.

  3. I've seen a lot of pop concerts, but not Stevie. He must do a wonderful show. I like the way you symbolized him!

  4. Thank you Penny, Margaret and Joan. It's lovely to look back at those special memories. I have changed and added to the image just so that I could post on a challenge on my blog without too much effort. I hope perhaps you will check it out to see the difference.

  5. This is great Jez, like your imagination on this.

  6. Good illustration to Stieve`s music, Jez! You found the most important! You gave me (perhaps) an inspiration to a new sketch, we will see. I tell you then.

  7. Thank you Sirkka and Anne. I hope to see your new sketch Sirkka, I love the way we all inspire each other on PPP&P.


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