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Friday, June 6, 2014

Music and Musicians, Singer by Joan Tavolott

When I went to see the Bay Area Chorus back in the fall, this was one of the sopranos who sang with the chorus. I did this from the original sketch I had done at the show.


  1. Her expression is concentration in the music, she sings with her heart too. So lovely sketch, Joan!

  2. Nice sketch Joan. We really have to have ideas to sketch more. I am sorting of running out of ideas. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. Very nice sketch Joan, and even though the dress is black the colours look very warm. I am interested in the way you have the pink flesh tone mingled in with the black dress. And because we have been talking about hands, I looked specially at them and they are just right for holding the book. I am trying harder with them.

  4. For a minute I thought you were in my Bay Area! As in San Francisco! Do let me know if you ever come out this way! Your singer is certainly giving it her all! Well done Joan!

    1. LOL We have a Bay Area too. I haven't been out to SF in a long time, but if I ever plan a trip out there I will let you know.

  5. Thanks Sirkka, Carol Ann, Jez and Lynn. I enjoy hearing them perform.


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