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Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Uncle Harry Sleeping, Dreaming of his Mimi", Daily Life, Lynn Cohen

I lot of time and focus of late has been on my dear Uncle Harry, who lives an hours drive from us.
We went to visit him again yesterday. It's sixteen days since the death of his dearly beloved wife, my Aunt Mimi, who died on her 95th birthday on May 2, this year. When we got to his apartment yesterday he was asleep in his chair. Rather than wake him we let him sleep and I drew him in his slumber. When he finally woke we talked and grieved together. We tried to get him talking about early happy memories of his life with Mimi that spanned 69 years together. He showed me where the pain was from his broken heart. We stayed a few hours and promised we'd be back again soon.

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  1. sad poor guy,,,,I can't imagine. Glad you let him sleep he's probably waiting for a visit in his dreams! Nice portrait...So good that you still visit even though it makes for a longer day!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. It makes for a very special LOVING day! I enjoy every minute I spend with my dear uncle. And if we can bring him any number of minutes or hours in joy from our being there it makes me all the happier. I'd go every day if he was closer.

  2. Such a long time to be companions and best friends. So hard to be separated. Glad you could spend time with him.

  3. So sad he is so lonely now. Those years are many together. My hubby and I are 52 years married and oh if he would go or I. We sure would miss each
    other. Nice you stayed and your drawing is very touching. Nice you went.

  4. A touching sketch of Uncle Henry. It must be hard on him to be alone. I know my father-in-law was lost without his wife when she passed away a few years ago. They had been married over 60 years. Someone is always left behind to grieve. He is lucky to have you to help him and share in the memories.

  5. Lynn, you have drawn him in such loving detail, you have brought us along. Thank you. And love to you, and him.

  6. i really like the emotion of your uncle while he is sleeping... very deep and reflective state. nice sketch and shading. hugs to you all

  7. This is a very touching sketch Lynn, and shows the sadness within, his only escape from reality the dreams he may be having of Mimi. I like his shirt, and he has a great head of hair for 95. He is so lucky to have you, and you to have him.

  8. I'm so sad for him. I hope you can visit him again soon. It must be a big comfort to him.
    The hatching lines on the chair are almost hypnotic in their rhythm.


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