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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Animals, Mickey Mouse, Joan Tavolott

Since "stuffed" animals are allowed I couldn't resist sketching Mickey.
He was a gift from my hubby somewhere along the line, and was the first stuffed animal I had since I was a kid. I used a combination of watercolors, Inktense pencils and ink.


  1. Can't say I'm a fan of Mickey's but this certainly looks just like him. Great job!

  2. Hi Joan. It does indeed look like Mickey. Nice job.

  3. I'm so glad you sketched your stuffed friend too! :) I love how he's sitting there, so friendly :)

  4. Your Mickey sketch looks plump and soft and cuddly, and just like Mickey. As An English child I never understood Mickey, or Donald Duck etc, and never grew to like them, but my youngest granddaughter has been to Paris Disneyland at least once a year every year of her life and will keep going even though she is 22 now and she adores Mickey.

  5. oh hello there! a sweet company for all us. thanks joan!

  6. Glad some of you are friends of Mickey's too. I always liked him, but my favorite Disney creature is probably Goofy...more like me. LOL

  7. He looks like a baby Mickey! Good job.

  8. Everyone's favorite I bet. Cute and love that it's a gift from your husband. Sweet! Great job on the drawing and coloring!


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