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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Animals, Big Ted by Margaret Coote

Since "stuffed" animals were part of this theme, I thought I'd draw my trusty teddy bear, with me now for over 3 decades. After a few minutes, though, I felt I wasn't doing him justice and got frustrated…but I thought I should post this anyway, since I'd done it, and it's not his fault that I didn't complete it!

PS There is a "Little Ted", but "Big Ted" got his name before she came along, not sure how or why...


  1. Oh, he looks so cute! You should have finished him. What were you sketching with? It sort of looks like a conte crayon or a watercolor pencil. I sketched one of my "stuffed" animals too.

  2. He looks great Margaret. Yes it does look like Conte as Joan says. We do love our teddy bears.:)

  3. Thanks Joan and Gloria! Yes we definitely do love our teddy bears :) I've had him since I was about 4. It's actually Neocolor water-soluble crayon, but you're right, it looks like Conte crayon here. I didn't use any water on it.

  4. Lovely the way he is emerging on to the page from the white background. There is something so special and eye-catching about unfinished sketches, and I have a great love of them. Big Ted is certainly added to my mental storehouse of lovely unfinished pieces.

  5. he's so cute margaret and i really like the subtle way you finish it. good for you to keep it all these years!

  6. Oh thank you Jez and Elisa! :) I'm glad I decided to post this drawing of him :)

  7. He looks so cuddly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the picture is fine as is! Maybe a bit of childhood drifting away?

    1. Thank you Lynn! Yes, he is very cuddly. A wise old bear :)


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