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Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Penguins in San Francisco Academy of Sciences Museum Live", Animals Theme, Lynn Cohen

Yesterday I had been invited by another Sketchbook Skool classmate to join her in San Francisco to draw at the Academy of Sciences! We met up at 9:30 and drew till noon. It was quite a morning. I'll post what I drew here over the next few days as they are all animals!

These, of course, are the penguins and they were very much alive. I was there for feeding time, but had to wait for the crowd to enjoy that before they cleared out and I had a good view front and center to draw them. That's sea kelp under the water, the three standing penguins are on land standing on rocks. One is swimming in the water.

Happy Mother's Day today to the mom's in the US of A.


  1. It was surely nice to draw penguines! Your sketches are beautiful, Lynn.

  2. My son and I love penguins! They are so much fun to watch at the zoo. They are big hams! Wonderful sketches. I look forward to seeing the other animals.

  3. How fun to see these in person. You got the body language down well. :))

  4. Lynn, great sketches of the penguins. You nailed their solid, sleek bodies. How great that you had a "skoolmate" to go sketching with!

  5. How great to meet up with a fellow sketcher. Love these penguins, not easy subjects with them moving about.

  6. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. Great sketches.

  7. Thank you Fran, Ann, Joan, Cris, Melisa and Sirraka for your reactions to my penguin drawings! Much appreciated.


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